Recomville-Our Lady of Mt.Carmel


Situated along the boundaries of Interville 3,Quezon City, there lies a newly established urban poor housing project. The area is called Recomville, named after the incumbent Mayor of Caloocan city.
Recomville is divided into two (2). Phase 1 and Phase 2. In the later part of 2006, arrangements were already being made between Christ the King Parish in BF Homes, Caloocan City and Immaculate Conception Parish in Greenfields 3, Quezon City to have Recomville be under the parochial jurisdiction of ICP for practical reasons.
There were resistance from some of the homeowners' officers but eventually, Phase 1 residents favored their inclusion as one of the areas under our Parish Church. The first mass in the area was held last March 9, 2009 after the dawn procession. Sis Francis Antaran was tapped to be the area coordinator assisted by Si.s Vangie Paquil and since then, Recomville had its own share of involvement in ICP's activities. Their first fiesta is yet to be celebrated in July 16, 2010. the feast day of their chosen patron saint, the Our Lady of mount Carmel.
To date, Recomville residents who flock to the Parish Church to attend mass continue to grow in number.

Feast Day: July 16

Area Coordinator:Sis. Frances Antaran/ Sis. Evangeline Paquil